Interviews – what’s hot?

By Right Resumesin
Interviews – what’s hot?

The big change recently is online interviews. 

COVID 19 has seen the interview move online and we think this will continue to some extent once restrictions pass.  Hiring Managers are now more comfortable that they can make an informed decision using technology like Zoom and these interviews are easier and quicker to arrange.

We have also seen the content of interviews change a bit with the face-to-face feel being swapped for a more structured meeting. An “interview” process may now include:

  • Pre-interview research including searching of social networking sites like Facebook and references if available.
  • Structured interviews, the most popular being the “Behavioural Interview”, where the interviewer asks you to give examples of the way you have approached situations that demonstrate relevant behavioural competencies – “Give me an example where you have…”.
  • Psychometric and skills testing.
  • More comprehensive reference and other background checking.

As ever, you need to be prepared, be presented well (even if it’s just the top half!) and be true to yourself.  The last point is almost the most important because you could end up in the wrong role if you aren’t yourself during this process.