About Us

About Us

We are expert recruiters who, in RightResumes, have brought together a range of specialists to help you with your Job Journey.

We read thousands of resumes and Social Media profiles a year and have conducted many thousands of interviews so we know what you need to do to get the job you want.

You need to be you. 

When you present your resume, your online identity and your interview to an employer it must be the authentic you. Why? Because then you will present at your best and you will secure the job that best suits you.

When we read a resume created through a resume-builder or written by someone else, we know. We know because it looks like hundreds of others, we know because it doesn’t sound genuine and we especially know when we start to talk to you about it.

Our resume service is Part 1 of your Job Journey.

We start with a discussion of your resume or what you want to see from your resume – we cover its aim, its content and its structure. You can then produce a final draft that we review with you.

Then we offer:

  • A professional proofread
  • Rewriting and editing to help with clarity and readability if required, while ensuring your resume retains your ideas and content.
  • A layout and visual presentation review where we offer expert advice and improvement, while again retaining your vision and personality.
  • The same service for your Cover Letter.

We also offer: